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Mountain Time

Will God answer a hundred year old prayer?

 Mail order bride Andriette Jameson arrives in Encampment, Wyoming in 1902 during a massive copper boom.  Set against this historic moment in history, Andriette faces each day with prayer and determination to make a life that honors God.


Life in the 21st century has dumped trouble on Hannah Harding from every direction.  The death of her father, a break up with her fiancé and a nemesis at work send her to a mountain escape.  When danger arrives and she has to run for her life, Hannah learns just how far in miles and time God’s love reaches.




Peaks and Valleys


In 1894, Claire Atley’s options are slim. Young, feminine and naïve, she is ill-equipped to face the trials in her life. Frightened and alone, Claire makes her way from a dangerous and isolated farm in South Dakota to a wild saloon at the center of the gold rush in the Black Hills, When a copper frenzy begins in Wyoming, she finds herself first in a desolate town called The Grand Encampment and then at the top of the world in a brand new boomtown called Dillon. On the journey she discovers her own precious mettle and finds love and faith to help her not only survive but triumph through life’s peaks and valleys.

In this companion novel to the award-winning Mountain Time, donna coulson takes us and Claire through the fascinating history of southern Wyoming’s largest copper boom and gives us a look at one woman’s struggle for faith and forgiveness.



The Archer’s Perspective


One action.

Three reactions.

A beautiful fall day in Wyoming’s Sierra Madre Mountains turns tragic and life-changing with the twang of a bowstring. Three people are involved that day and their responses to the challenges that follow reveal not only who they are down deep but how they see God.